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5 Successful Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Law Practice in 2015

As the residential and commercial real estate markets start to show signs of life, it’s also time to start thinking about your own marketing plans.

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real-estate-law-white-paperWHITEPAPER: Guide to Growing Your Real Estate Law Practice

Identifying a strategy that works for you, your schedule and your law practice is the first step. Creating an action plan, and starting to sow some of those marketing seeds is the second. On average it takes 90 days to see results from any marketing effort. Our list of five tried and true methods grow your real estate practice this year, and beyond.

So, don’t wait until the busy summer season is upon us. Starting your marketing efforts in the spring, will help you reap the rewards come summer time, and well into the fall. Most experts recommend dedicating a minimum of one hour per week to marketing your practice. So let’s take 5 minutes, and get started right now!

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5 Successful Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Law Practice in 2015

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