Solo Practice University

Being a solo attorney is hard. You wear the hat of every position in a traditional law firm from marketing, to janitor, to attorney. You wake every day to take another step toward building your dream. Whether that dream is to grow to a million-dollar practice or having more time to spend with your family, we want to help you get there.

We recognize you need help in order to be a successful solo,, and sound advice from attorneys who have successfully hung their own shingles is appreciated. That’s why we are excited to share our partnership with Solo Practice University®!

Special offer for Solo Practice University® members

Solo attorneys who are enrolled in a Solo Practice University® educational program will receive 50% off the Smokeball onboarding fee. To receive this discount, please send us a copy of your Solo Practice University® enrollment receipt, and we’ll help get your Smokeball account set up right away!

The Solo Practice University® discount for current Smokeball users

Smokeball is partnering with Solo Practice University® to offer its users a preferred discount on tuition when they enroll as a semiannual or annual student. Solo Practice University® is the only online educational and professional networking community designed to help lawyers and law students create and build their solo and small firm practices.

Smokeball users get an exclusive discount to Solo Practice University®, where you will find more than 1,200 individual classes from 60+ faculty on the experience of opening a solo or small firm practice. Network with similarly situated solo and small firm practitioners from across the United States and around the world, lawyers who are choosing to build a thriving 21st-century law practice. You will also receive a free half-hour law practice management consultation to help you through challenges in your practice when you enroll as an annual student.

Going solo doesn’t mean going it alone. Smokeball and Solo Practice University® will help you succeed.

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