Change doesn’t have to be terrifying


If you need a fully featured case management system with personalized training and onboarding catered to your small firm needs, you’ve found the best option, Smokeball.

Smokeball’s legal matter management software provides detailed matter layouts unique to the types of cases our clients work on. Smokeball actually helps you get your work done faster as well as manage it, by including automated legal forms that allow you to create documents in seconds, as well as seamless email management, document and task management.

Upgrading is simple – make the switch to Smokeball.

Get dedicated support from Smokeball when you upgrade your small law firm.

 Matter Management

  • With more than 250 matter types built specifically for each state, Smokeball helps increase productivity and efficiency. Emails, documents, forms and other communication will automatically organize in each digital matter.

Automated Legal Forms

  • Smokeball is set up with an extensive library of court documents and forms that will automatically merge your matter-related information into every form.

Email Management

  • Did you know on average, 120 emails are received by a lawyer a day? Smokeball integrates with Microsoft Outlook to neatly store your emails into your legal matters. All emails sent from Smokeball or is tagged with a case name is automatically saved and organized.

Client Management

  • Manage all your clients contact information from anywhere. Your clients are backed up safely with Smokeball’s cloud-based technology.

Tasks & Workflow

  • Help enable your team’s processes with managed workflows and tasks built for every case. Simplify how you manage your cases with Smokeball’s workflow feature.

Smokeball AI

  • Ever wonder how much you have actually accomplished at the end of the week? With Activity Intelligence you can better understand your small firm’s productivity.

Mobile Application

  • When you’re away from your computer and need a status check on the go, Smokeball’s mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS app to view your clients correspondence.

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