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Beautiful practice management software built for your law firm.

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“For small and solo firms, Smokeball is a gift.”

Everyone knows what they
need to do next.

Instantly pass work back and forth between your team, and stop chasing the paper file once and for all! Smokeball’s cloud-based digital file pulls together all critical matter information, dates, and alerts that can be seen or updated by all staff. Keeping you in the loop, everywhere you go.

Everything is in one place.

Smokeball organizes your important information for each and every matter into the ultimate digital filing system – tracking every document, email sent, email received, file note, case detail, and calendar entry. Never lose track of a document version, call note, or an email attachment ever again. Save hours each day, without having to change your routine.

You’re getting more work
done every day.

Smokeball combines the tools you use most: word processing and email, with a powerful database for every contact and detailed piece of matter information. Create documents in seconds with powerful document automation and email them as PDFs with just a click, while seamlessly recording every action along the way. You need software to help you work smarter, not harder.

Smokeball offers specialized
matter types in your city

What could feel more like home than a solution built just for you? Smokeball supports your local court forms, agreements, and jurisdiction-specific contacts so you can jump into your day, and feel right at home.