Did you catch the Legal Practice Magic at the Smokeball booth at the TECHSHOW?

Last week the ABA TECHSHOW took place in Chicago with over 1,500 people attending and Smokeball was there to show some legal practice magic. Countless number of people stopped by the Smokeball booth to experience the magic by our own magician, and the magic of the first and only legal practice management software to track your time and activities with virtually no user interaction.

The ABA Journal noticed our “legal practice magic” and highlighted Smokeball in the “Best TECHSHOW Swag of 2018.” Smokeball gave away custom playing cards that everyone loved and showcased the best legal practice management software on the hotel’s main staircase.  Who needs another pen or stress ball when you can see magic and get your own playing cards?


Magic is defined as “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”  That’s exactly what Smokeball does. Smokeball has the power to influence your small law firm practice with amazing legal practice management software that is supernatural. Using Smokeball, all of your time and activities are automatically tracked, invoice entries are automatically created, and you have dashboards and KPIs presented to you so you can see your profits grow. We showcased our latest feature, Firm Insights, that provides firm owners a dashboard to view their profitability, utilization, and business development key performance indicators.

On the topic of KPIs, Smokeball General Counsel Eunbin Rii gave a presentation at the TECHSHOW on “How To Use KPIs to Increase Law Firm Profitability.” KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) help you measure and achieve your objectives effectively.  You can’t run your firm based on hunches or on your gut. You need accurate and complete data that is tracked and analyzed in real-time for you to make the right decisions for your firm. The difficult part of getting KPIs is gathering accurate and complete data. Manual data gathering or entry leads to inaccurate and incomplete data. Also, as you get busy and distracted throughout the day, you will miss data. The best and only way to have meaningful KPIs is to use technology to do it for you. Using Smokeball, you can work throughout the day without worrying about tracking your time or your activities. Every task, email, document and even phone calls you make or take are automatically tracked, associated to the right matter, and then billed to the invoice. There’s virtually no user interaction and Smokeball will analyze your data to provide you intuitive dashboards to monitor the success of your firm.

The ABA TECHSHOW allows us to have a bit of fun with our clients, friends and leaders in the legal tech community. On Thursday night, Smokeball and InfoTrack, our e-filing and search services integrator, co-hosted an event at Howl at the Moon, where clients, friends and leaders of legal tech joined us for drinks, food and live music. At Smokeball, we work hard, but also know when to have some fun and celebrate with our clients and friends.

If you missed the TECHSHOW this year, make sure you plan on going next year to see what other magic Smokeball has up their sleeves. To see how Smokeball can add legal practice magic to your practice, click here to see a demo or give us a call at 855-668-3206.