21-Days-to-a-Healthier-Practice-UpcomingLawyering and working in a law office is easily among the most stressful, sedentary, and time-consuming jobs in America.  It’s no wonder Forbes has called being an attorney the #1 Unhappiest Job in the country.  The stresses and strains on those tasked with making a law firm run take a major toll every day.  Smokeball law practice management software is trying to help lawyers and their staff become more conscious of a sad fact: your own well-being often falls by the wayside as a legal professional.

Smokeball’s upcoming webinar “21 Days to a Healthier Practice” on Friday, October 19, 2018, features Dr. Jordan Leasure, an expert on professional well-being.  Dr. Leasure will sit down with Smokeball attorney and legal content manager Josh Taylor to discuss the three realms of legal professional well-being that are often disregarded: body, mind, and work.  Once given their necessary attention with tips from Dr. Leasure, this triumvirate of wellness focal points will prop you up with much more stability in the important work you do for clients.

Smokeball practice management software exists primarily to reduce stress and improve the day-to-day of practicing law.  Reinforcing wellness is part of Smokeball’s philosophy and its software. Each of Smokeball’s robust features and integrations, from Workflows and Document Automation to our partnerships with LawPay and InfoTrack, is meant to save law firm staff time and stress, improving job performance, satisfaction, and ultimately wellness.

Lost in all we do for clients is our own well-being.  This latest webinar will explore how, with how busy we all are, we can re-focus on ourselves.  A legal professional cannot be at their best unless they are their best selves, in body, mind, and job.

Register for the webinar today!  We look forward to great conversation on the most important part of your firm: you!