Smokeball’s latest free eBook, “21 Days to a Healthier Practice“, focuses on the most neglected part of a law firm – YOU! Studies show that lawyers are some of the least healthy and least happy people in the United States. But why? The stress and strain of the job obviously takes its toll, but lawyers also have very little time to do the right things to keep themselves healthy. Smokeball was keen to get out in front on lawyer wellness in a helpful way!

Dr. Leasure Leads the Way

Smokeball is thrilled to have had Dr. Jordan Leasure, wellness professional and head of North Shore Pro-Active Health, author this latest eBook focusing on health tips for the busiest lawyers. Dr. Leasure focuses this eBook on tips for body, mind, and job. You’ll learn the following:

Put yourself first again so that your practice can thrive with a healthy, happy person at its helm! Check out the new eBook from Smokeball, and find out more about how Smokeball promotes a practice with less stress and more success.