Many attorneys are resistant to adding new technology to their firms, thinking the process will be confusing or that it will take much too long for their staff to adapt to a different way of doing things. But when firms choose to adopt technologies in a strategic and integrated way, the changes end up benefiting both the practice and the clients.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are three law firms that made the transition from “old school” to tech savvy and reaping the benefits:

1. The Law Office of Brenda Murzyn

Brenda Murzyn’s real estate practice uses Smokeball’s software to manage documents and client communications. With the software, the team can automate many common tasks and spend more time on the actual legal work of the practice. This use of technology has streamlined the firm’s digital filing, allowing the lawyers there to turn their attention more fully to client service.

2. The Law Office of John J. Zachara, Ltd.

John Zachara, attorney, and Debbie Zachara, office manager, keep their law firm running smoothly with digital filing software from Smokeball. This technology allows the Zacharas to respond quickly to clients and potential clients. By storing data in the cloud, both John and Debbie are able to access and file important data exactly when they need to do so. In addition, they save time by creating new documents from saved templates.They say that clients have noticed the difference and business continues to improve.

3. Bailey Duquette

Bailey Duquette is a boutique law firm in New York, with lawyers with experience at major international firms. The small firm stays competitive with the big players through its use of technology. Bailey Duquette uses programs that cut down the time it takes to do due diligence research. The firm can pass this time savings on to clients in lower costs, and so enjoys repeated work with these clients.

What technology has your law firm integrated into the legal process? Where can your firm continue to improve?