Digital technology is a sign of the times. While it’s always intimidating for established businesses to adopt new digital practices, here’s the truth: once you go digital, you never go back. Good tech tools are created with you, the user, in mind. They help streamline your daily workflow, and they make monotonous, tedious tasks automated and easy to complete! With the right digital integration, your small law firm can be freed from certain aspects of account management, billing and business operations. Sound intriguing? We thought so, too. Take a look at these three tech tools that every small law firm needs to make life a whole lot easier and a good bit happier:

1. Time Tracking
Every client service-focused business has to find a way to figure out how much time their staff spends on any given project. This helps maintain efficient workflows and ensure profitability. While it’s hard to keep track of tasks like email and document management, there are digital tools that can help. Ask your staff to try CosmoLex, ClioToggl, Tick or Exaktime to get the ball rolling. One might suit your needs more closely than another, so be sure to check out the pros and cons of each before committing.

2. Billing and Finance
For small to medium-sized law firms, managing finances can be a huge hassle. Instead of wasting time with calculators, pencil and paper, let Freshbooks do the work for you! It sends automatic invoices to clients, provides expense reports at the touch of a button and helps you keep a handle on how much every facet of your firm is costing you. Use it to keep billing on a regular cycle and take the tedium out of financial management.

3. Client Communications and Document Management
It goes without saying that we think Smokeball is an excellent solution for document management. But did you know that in addition to Microsoft Word integration for preloaded and easy-to-access templates, it provides cloud capabilities so your team can work anytime, anywhere? Simply put, Smokeball is a communications, filing and productivity tool all in one. If you some help getting organized and keeping track of every file and every matter, take a look at Smokeball’s features, and reach out to the Smokeball Product Consultants at 1.855.668.3206 for a product demo before it’s too late.

Tech tools make every day easier and more productive! What are you doing to get on board?

Photo credit: Ian Barbour via Flickr Creative Commons