Smokeball careersOn Wednesday, August 1, 2018, Built In Chicago, the city’s leading tech company online community, named Smokeball law practice management software as one of its 11 tech companies where employees can shine.  The article, titled “Never settle: 11 Chicago tech companies where you can shine”, denoted Chicago-based companies that boast great company culture and demonstrated ability for employees to grow.  

This latest shout-out from the tech community comes on the heels of a tremendous summer in which Smokeball was named to Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces.  This most recent honor from Built In Chicago shows that Smokeball has quickly become one of the best places to work in Chicago.  The article outlines what Smokeball’s President, Jane Oxley, finds most important to fit the company’s core values: “We[] look[] for people whose priority is to find a company culture that matches their own values[.] . . . From there, if you’re goal-oriented, open to learning and a great team player, then you’re going to be a great fit for Smokeball.”  This assessment of candidates is based on a long-held set of core values used to build the company from scratch several years ago. That process was outlined this summer in Inc. magazine’s article, “How This Award-Winning Startup Brought Australian Values to the Midwest”.  

The core values are easy to remember and should be common sense for most companies: (1) caring is not optional; (2) innovate for the client, not the press release; (3) keep listening, keep learning; (4) check your ego at the door; (5) be frank; and (6) if you see it, you own it.  Unfortunately, not all workplaces abide by such values consistently, and that has given Smokeball the chance to stand out and be recognized in the various ways it has this summer.

When Smokeball finds the right candidates that hold those core values personally, it takes care of them, as the new Built In Chicago article outlines:

“Smokeball gives employees a chance to de-stress with an onsite gym and wellness programs, a game room and sabbaticals. When they come back to work, staff members can receive performance bonuses, opt into a company equity program and enjoy flexible hours.” 

With benefits and adherence to and values-driven workplace, Smokeball has become one of the most desirable places to be in Chicago.

“I enjoy the open communication at Smokeball allowing for a collaborative effort, which lets us provide excellent experiences for our customers.” – Kareem Miller, Salesforce Administrator

“Smokeball is a wonderful place to work and grow.  It not only fosters collaboration and comradery among colleagues, but it also strives to and succeeds in delivering top-notch customer service.” – Emily Wood, In-house Counsel

The verdict is in on Smokeball being a great workplace!  If you or someone you know feels that they fit with Smokeball’s values, the company is growing and wants to hear from you now.  Check out all job postings here.  We look forward to adding your expertise and attitude to our team!