Let’s be honest here, how many times have you sat at your desk trying to remember what you did for the week?

In any industry it is important to always use your time as efficiently as possible, but it is essential in the legal industry as small firm attorneys are not usually able to increase fees or rates in order to stay competitive. As an attorney it can be difficult to stay organized; between having to balance a busy work schedule, emails, calls, and meetings it is almost impossible to remember every single detail at the end of the week. Your time is valuable and you simply can’t afford to waste any of it. At Smokeball, we have made it our mission to help you be as efficient as possible. By integrating the tools you use most, Microsoft Word and Outlook, and leveraging document automation to speed up document preparation time. Now, our newest feature Smokeball Ai (Activity Intelligence), will save you and your firm an abundance of time by keeping record of all your work activity.

While Smokeball allows you to create documents, events, and tasks to guarantee you never miss a beat. Our Smokeball Ai feature will automatically translate all of your work history into an easy to read report. You will be able to see what has been done each day and what matter each activity pertains to. No more spending time at the end of the week going through your files to see what documents were created, what emails were sent out, and what tasks were completed in for each matter. Smokeball Ai takes care of the busy work for you.

You also have the option to look at your firm’s work history as a whole. The Smokeball Ai report can be used to analyze your firm’s productivity, notice trends, or predict a new client dry spell. Use these reports to identify any adjustments your firm may need to assure you are reaching your fullest potential. Simply by examining an individual’s performance report, or your firm’s report, you can pinpoint employee work patterns and spikes in certain tasks. This information can be used to document attorney progress within the firm and what each one spends the most time doing.

Since the system reports your activity you can insert the amount of time spent on each activity is worth, to create a true audit trail, or measurement of margins within your firm. Smokeball Ai can be used to justify your firm’s fees in any situation, for both fixed fees or fee increases. Our reports will allow you to see how many documents are being created per matter as well as the overall effort put forth by the entire team. Which creates a clear story with real data to validate all pricing at your firm.

Smokeball takes the everyday time-consuming tasks and allow you to complete them faster than ever before. As you move throughout your day, the Smokeball Ai feature will always be working in the background making sure to record all of your activities. If you’d like to see Smokeball Ai in action? Watch our recorded webinar here.