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Adding-Google-Analytics-to-Your-Law-Firm-WebsiteThank you for choosing Smokeball Legal Websites!  As a part of our continued efforts to make your professional life as worry-free as possible, we are now offering monthly Weebly Tips & Tricks to our website clients.  These are tips and recommendations that you can utilize on your own via your personal Weebly website login credentials.  We hope you find them helpful and today we’re starting with how you can add Google Analytics to your law firm site.

Adding Google Analytics to Your Law Firm Website

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Sign In’ if you already have a Google Business account set up – if not, click ‘Create Account’
  • Once your Gmail account is set up and created, click ‘Sign In’
  • Go to
  • Click ‘Sign In’ and then click ‘Analytics’
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ on the right-hand side of this page to setup your analytics account
  • Google Analytics works for both websites and mobile apps so click ‘Website here
  • Account Name field – Add your firm or business name here
  • Website Name field – If you have multiple websites, denote which one and use your domain name here
  • Website URL – enter the entire URL including https:// (Note this is NOT ‘https’ because your site does not have an SSL certificate

Adding Google Analytics to Your Law Firm Website

  • Industry Category is optional
    • Google will show you some benchmark data if you pick one and allows you to compare your business to others in a similar industry
  • Reporting Time Zone – choose the correct time zone for your location
  • Data Sharing Settings – this is up to you what you’d like to share with Google – if you don’t want to share your data, uncheck the boxes
  • Click ‘Get Tracking ID’ at the bottom
  • You will be prompted to accept Google’s Terms of Service so click ‘I Accept’ after reading through
  • That was the final step in creating your Google Analytics account but now we need to put the Google Analytics code into our website.

Now, Let’s Add the Tracking Code to Your Website

  • Once you have accepted the terms, you will be taken to your main Google Analytics Dashboard and should see a similar notice pop up for you in a tan box.  Since you are using a 3rd-party web hosting provider (Weebly) you will need to do the following (do not follow the instructions you see under Website Tracking but rather follow these steps):
    • Copy the code language under the Website Tracking section

Google Analytics Tracking to Law Firm Website

    • Sign in to your Weebly account
    • Click ‘Edit’ to access your website
    • Choose ‘Settings’ in the top navigation bar
    • On the left you will see different options. Choose ‘SEO’
    • Paste your code into either the Header or Footer code section, but not both
      • While it says “(ex. Google Analytics tracking code)” under the Footer section, I have reached out to Weebly and they confirmed the code can be in either section without issue – research indicates Google prefers the HeaderAdding Google Analytics to Your Law Firm Website Last Step
    • Click the green ‘Save’ button in the lower right corner
    • Publish your site (click the blue ‘Publish’ button in the upper right corner)
      • You do not need to add the code to each page of your site
      • When two or more domains are connected to a site, you only need to add the Google Analytics code to the primary domain
    • Google Analytics will begin tracking your site immediately but you may not see data for another 24-48 hours

We hope this article helped answer any questions you had about adding Google Analytics to your law firm website (updated May 2016).

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