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As our social and professional lives become more digitally-focused, there seems to be a new app for anything and everything. While this can sometimes feel overwhelming even to the most tech-savvy people, the right tech tools can really make a noticeable difference in your small law firm’s day-to-day productivity.

So, what apps are best-suited for attorneys? We’ve pulled together a list of a few of our favorites for iOS and Android phones and tablets that help you stay focused and productive throughout your busy workday.

TinyScan: With the amount of paperwork your small law firm handles on a daily basis, having access to a scanner at all times is a necessity. TinyScan gives you just that! This app, designed for iPhone and iPad, turns your device’s camera into a portable document scanner. Users can scan documents, receipts, photos and PDFs in black and white, color or grayscale. Once scanned, documents can be sent via email, saved to cloud-based services like Google Drive or Airprint or faxed using TinyFax.

CudaSign: For busy, on-the-go attorneys, this app just might be the most useful. From real estate closings to new client meetings, CudaSign allows users to collect signatures on paperwork with a few swipes of your finger. Simply upload documents to the app through your email, Dropbox or or camera, and sign with your fingertip. Signed documents can be sent via email or saved on your free CudaSign account.

Toggl:  How many hours a week are you REALLY spending in meetings? Not sure? Using a time tracking tool like Toggl can help you keep track of the way you spend the hours in your work day. Once you get into the habit of using it regularly, you can plan your days more efficiently, as you’ll be armed with the knowledge of how your work schedule actually plays out. This Apple, Android and desktop tool allows you to categorize the tasks you’re working on, start a timer and keep track of how long you’re hard at work. Then once enough time is logged, Toggl’s charts and graphs allow you to take a look at what tasks you’re spending the most time on.

Office tech can sometimes become overwhelming, but when you have the right tools in place to help your staff stay organized and productive, they’ll be able to up their productivity.

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