Staying focused is one of the hardest things to do as a practicing attorney in a small law firm. Especially when a client’s case or needs can change overnight. Staying on top of projects when juggling multiple clients further complicates your to-do list, schedule and ability to track every detail.

If you find yourself scrambling for information, chasing down paperwork, and racking your brain at night so that you can send the client an update email, it might be time to consider project management software.

Some of the MANY benefits of Law Firm Project Management Software include:

  • Timing. Your project management software should be your law firm’s powerhouse. It can help you manage projects from start to finish in a smooth and timely fashion. Most systems will organize your important information into a filing system with clear and easily searchable labels and help you track the progress of fluid projects and cases as they progress.
  • Focus on client needs. Knowing where a specific document is filed and being able to search for an item instantly frees up time for you and your colleagues to focus on clients’ needs. Some other tools, Smokeball included, can even automate the creation of some documents for you and your colleagues, giving you the ability to create a contract or letter in just a few clicks with all of the variable information about your client entered accurately and automatically. Features like this allow you to truly focus on the work that matters and take administrative tasks off your plate.
  • Improved collaboration. Project management systems make it simple for your team to work together by sharing documents, timelines and status updates. If one staff member creates a document and saves it to the system, another team member will be able to access and edit the same document. Smokeball’s project management system is all cloud-based, meaning no matter where you are working, you’ll always have access to the system and all the work within it. This is especially important for lawyers who are often on the move between their clients, the courtroom and the office.
  • Progress updates. Using project management software will help you keep track of the progress of projects. Employees can provide updates regarding their projects, giving the whole team the ability to know how the project is progressing all times. This tracking will help your law firm become more efficient by keeping everyone on the same page.

This increased productivity will have a positive impact not just on you and your staff, but also on your clients. Enabling your team with the information needed to get back to clients quickly and confidently.

Have a favorite project management software, or system that works for your small law firm? Please share with us on Twitter at @SmokeballNews, we’d love to hear about it!