No matter how many new tricks you learn, case management takes time–especially at a small law firm. But with the proper software in place, it can be much more efficient. Here are three ways Smokeball can help you master case management and become a superstar paralegal.

Smokeball can be your personal assistant

Transforming into a superstar requires a little help from behind the scenes. Smokeball can act as your own personal assistant, helping you perform at your peak and stay on track in your work. Since law firm staff can waste up to six weeks a year searching for lost documents, a clear document management system is crucial. Don’t leave yours up to chance. Instead, put a document management system in place that streamlines your work and makes you look good.

Smokeball can keep track of your fans

With Smokeball’s case management software, you’ll never lose track of a client’s information, and can access it from anywhere, including your smart phone. The best part? All of the information you include in a contact’s record, from names to specific matter-related details, can be automatically inserted into your forms and contracts via Smokeball’s document automation tools. Superstars don’t waste time using find and replace to complete forms, and you shouldn’t either.

Smokeball can manage your email

As a superstar paralegal, it is crucial to manage your correspondence strategically, making sure every email is responded to promptly and accurately. Smokeball makes email management simple by providing an organized record of every instance of correspondence with each specific client. By managing email, phone calls and any related correspondence all from one platform, you’ll ensure that your clients get the attention and care they deserve.

With Smokeball, becoming a superstar paralegal doesn’t require countless rehearsals. It simply requires systems and strategies that help you work smarter, not harder … To learn more about how Smokeball’s features can help you achieve superstar paralegal status, register for our free Certified Smokeball Paralegal Program and improve your case management skills.