There are obvious benefits to streamlined document management, including saved time, fewer misplaced documents and improved collaboration. Beyond these benefits, there are more ways your firm can gain value from a document management program. Here are four:

  1. Better Referrals

Well-managed client matters lead to happier clients. Happier clients are more likely to refer others to your firm. Document management software like Smokeball can help your firm improve the client experience. How? Use Smokeball’s Microsoft Outlook integration to organize client communications and respond in a timely manner. The templates feature can also help you create necessary documents quickly and cleanly.

  1. Neater Office Space

When you manage your documents with a cloud-based system like Smokeball, you free up physical and digital space that would once have been required for document storage and active files. While you may still need to save hard copies of some documents for your records, these files won’t need to be so close at hand.

  1. More Flexibility

Cloud-based digital document management allows your team to work from anywhere as easily as if they were in the office. Use these benefits to improve your options for client meetings. Or, use them to improve work-life balance for your lawyers. When it’s easier than ever to work productively from home, your firm can offer more telework options. By offering increased flexibility, you can also hold on to top attorneys.

  1. Happier Lawyers and Staff

Disorganized documents or a complex document management system may be increasing stress levels at your firm. You may not realize how much this is the case until you get those documents organized. Once documents are easy to access, edit and share with clients, your lawyers and other staff will find themselves with more time and energy. No one likes to feel that they are simply shuffling papers all day, so improved document management can lead to a boost of morale around the office.

What else could your firm do with the time saved by Smokeball?