Conduct Better Law Firm Job Interviews with Smokeball's New Checklist

We’ve all been on the other side of the law firm job interview table — nervously (or confidently) answering questions while gauging whether a firm is the right fit.

Now it’s your turn to conduct the interview. After the Great Resignation of 2021, the U.S. still boasts a record number of job openings. Smokeball’s upcoming Law + The Great Resignation survey found that, on average, firms most often take 1-2 months to fill a role, and the negotiation process takes 1-5 business days. And just 29% of firms are able to hire their top pick for a role every time they make an offer.

Law firm job candidates can afford to be picky, so it’s more important than ever to ask the right questions, sell your firm as an attractive workplace and ultimately hire someone whose values, work ethic and passion for law meet your needs.

To help you on your hiring journey, Smokeball legal practice management software assembled this law firm job interview checklist. We’ve included questions that apply to all candidates, as well as role-specific queries and questions you yourself should be prepared to answer.

Download the checklist

Remember how it felt to be in a job candidate’s shoes: Communicate clearly and promptly throughout the law firm job interview process, even if you’re delivering bad news. You never know when a former candidate may show up as a future client — or as opposing counsel in court.