In the age of digital-everything, you’ve probably heard that all of your client records and documents need to be online, and they should. But sometimes the prospect of actually getting them from the file cabinet to a hard drive can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, Smokeball is a document management solution that actually works, and is incredibly easy to implement and use. With one-of-a-kind features including Microsoft Word and contact communications integration, Smokeball’s document management system streamlines workflow specifically for small law firms, making communication between clients and colleagues easier than ever.
Document Drafting & Document Automation
Document management and organization on a single machine is one thing, but for organization across an entire firm, you need a cloud-based document automation tool. Smokeball offers a solution that connects all your employees, allowing access to authorized users at any time, from any place. Use it to improve your communications and your productivity.

Your firm can also, when appropriate, benefit from tools for real-time collaborative document creation with tools such as Hackpad and Google Drive. Both allow for multiple people to view and edit a document at the same time. These features are especially pertinent for firms that have remote employees or lawyers often travel for client work. These cloud-based solutions can be used to share spreadsheets, slide presentations and more, as well as text-based documents.

Is your firm making the most of available digital tools? If you aren’t, you may be left behind. Law firms are finding that digital tools offer efficiency and organization in a host of new ways. They are also changing client expectations. Clients now look for documents to be readily available, on their schedules.

The only way to prepare your firm’s response evolving client needs is to make the transition to an organized, easily accessible digital document management system. Try Smokeball; use in combination with other digital collaboration tools and see your firm’s productivity