Personal injury lawyers know that the legal industry isn’t always the fast-paced courtroom drama shown on television. Law firms spend hours every week on the unglamorous task of gathering documentation for their clients. Medical records, bills, and other documents are essential to the case but hard to track down. 

Thanks to Smokeball’s new Global Document Request Report, however, personal injury firms and workers’ compensation attorneys are getting (at least some of) those arduous hours back.  

This new report within Smokeball’s case management software allows users to view and track the status of all document requests sent out by their firm in one place. Users can even filter the report by Provider, making it easy to identify and follow up with Providers who may have multiple outstanding requests.

Previouslydocument requests tracked within Smokeball had to be reviewed at the matter level. The Global Documents Request Report eliminates the need to track requests matter by matter and provides a bird’s eye view of all outstanding document requests. Users can more easily follow up with document requests and get the information they need to keep their clients’ cases moving forward.  

This report is available now to all Smokeball clients and can be accessed by opening the “Reports” tab on the Smokeball navigation bar, then selecting “PI & WC – Global Document Request” from the dropdown. The Global Document Request Report will be most relevant for those firms using the Personal Injury Plaintiff, Motor Vehicle Plaintiff, and Workers’ Compensation matter types 

This new report is just one of the ways our industry-leading practice management software helps law firms get more done every day.  

Document automation seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Word prepares letters and court forms quickly and accurately, legal tasks and workflows ensure everyone on your team always knows what the next step in a case is, and automatic time tracking records your billable hours and guarantees you’re billing what you’re worth.  

If you’re interested in learning how Smokeball can help take your firm to the next level, contact us today for a free customized demo.