Does your firm stay on top of client communications and handle emails the right way? We were inspired by this piece, “9 Rules for Emailing from Google Exec Eric Schmidt,” to bring you some of our own.

  • Keep conversations organized.
    Communications with clients are likely to be important later on, so lawyers must make sure that these emails can be easily found again. If all your firm’s communications are well-organized, your team will also be able to reference messages from an old project when they can provide guidance on current work.
  • Include relevant members of the team.
    In order to move efficiently and fulfill client expectations, the relevant people at your firm and those working with your client should be included in all emails. This way, there’s no need to go back and fill team members in: they will all have the necessary information.
  • Don’t duplicate conversations.
    Law firms lose time by repeating the same conversations over and over. When you can, simply forward an old message with a brief note in answer to a question from a client or colleague or use the template feature on your email program. A carefully-organized inbox will also help you and your colleagues avoid these repetitive questions yourselves.

How can law firms stay on top of client communications?

Smokeball brings your firm a centralized, organized hub for all client communications. If you or any of the other lawyers at your firm have ever forgotten or lost track of a message that required a response, it may be time to upgrade your firm with Smokeball.

What email rules for law firms would you add to our list?

Photo Credit: nuggety247 via Pixabay