Does the thought of leaving your legal staff to fend for themselves in your absence strike fear into your heart? Whether you’re at lunch with a client, in court or at a closing, spending time away from your office is unavoidable. During these windows of unavailability, it’s inevitable that other legal staff members will have to field phone calls and answer client questions while you’re away. The stressors in this situation stem from the unknown. Will your staff be able to find this client’s file? How can they properly help them if they don’t know any specifics about this matter? Although this predicament seems challenging, with a tool like Smokeball, you and your team can feel confident about their ability to help clients even when you’re away.

Lost files and disorganized matters won’t plague your legal staff anymore. From the Smokeball home screen, users can conduct a full text search to locate the information needed to help the client. Once inside the client’s digital file, anyone on your staff with access to Smokeball case management software can see the specific details of that matter, the documents and emails sent to and from the client, next steps and any extra notes left by the attorney on the matter.

This method of organization allows anyone on your staff the ability to take a look at a matter they might not have much knowledge about and quickly digest the details. Client questions can be answered more thoroughly and in less time, as all the information they need is accessible from one reference page. If managing client satisfaction is one of your priorities (and it should be!), consider empowering your staff with organization help from Smokeball.