With more than 260 million users on Linkedin, this social network designed for working professionals is an excellent resource for lawyers and small law firms. As more and more users connect and network via LinkedIn, it continues to be a great place to build relationships, and a great platform to demonstrate thought leadership within the law industry. So, how do you make the most of this professional social network? Read on to learn the the best practices for lawyers on LinkedIn!

Engage in discussions in relevant groups

LinkedIn is home to many industry groups that have healthy and active discussions. Lawyers: consider joining your local Bar Association’s group (and others like it) and be sure to participate. Users who engage in group discussions regularly get about four times the profile views as those who do not, and can begin building relationships with other group participants.

Publish your own thought leadership and share with your network

You can promote thought leadership for yourself and your small law firm by posting content written by you on Linkedin and sharing it with your network. Similar to posting in groups, sharing your thoughts and advice about industry-related topics can help build your network’s perception of you as an industry expert.

Consider paid advertisement for your firm’s company page to collect new leads.

If you’re in the beginning stages of building your network, consider using paid LinkedIn advertising to round out your company pages and groups. You can also use paid advertising to promote content pieces that you’d like to get in front of a wider audience.


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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons