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As firms across the country struggle to fill open roles and keep up with ever-growing caseloads, the idea of not just keeping up, but getting ahead, can seem impossible.  

Thankfully, technology like document automation, legal practice management software, workflow automation and e-filing tech can put law firms on the right path. Smokeball’s free legal webinar, “Improve Efficiency + Productivity to Grow Your Law Firm,” delved into the importance of these technologies and how they support every practice’s decision-making.  

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Tech competency isn’t only about keeping up with the latest trends: It’s also a firm’s legal responsibility. In the free legal webinar, Emma Raimi-Zlatic, Smokeball Director of Strategic Partnerships + Events, detailed recent important court findings surrounding the ethics of contemporaneous/automated time tracking, including Taylor v. Traylor (2020). The bottom line: Contemporaneous time records are the best evidence of lawyers’ hourly work, and automated time tracking is the best way to stay compliant — even for firms that don’t bill hourly. 

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  • How document automation, practice management, workflow automation and e-filing technology benefit law firms  
  • The importance of using legal technology to create quality assurance measures   
  • How technology can assist firms with fulfilling their ethical obligations while also keeping them efficient and profitable   
  • Tools and processes to help firms increase productivity and grow revenue

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