It’s never too early to start planning for the unexpected or for expected eventualities of leaving a small firm to a new generation of leadership.  Smokeball’s newest eBook, the “Essential Guide to Law Firm Succession Planning”, outlines why succession planning should start immediately to put a firm in the best position to transition, whenever that time may come.

Put Your Firm in a Great Position from Startup to Succession

Succession planning should not be an afterthought.  Any successful business, including a small firm, must constantly consider its legacy from day one.  Smokeball’s new eBook will take you through why succession planning should start now, what problems arise without a plan, how succession planning benefits your firm immediately, and why technology is key to a solid foundation.

Planning Now Means Immediate Results

By formulating a plan on how you want to deliver your business to the next generation of attorneys, you will reap immediate results.  Succession plans involve organization, solidifying processes, and streamlining, and by starting those things now, you will see benefits right off the bat.  Get things in order now so you pass along a business worth having later.

Young Attorneys Desire an Organized and Profitable Firm

To pass a law firm on to the next generation, it must be desirable!  You also need the right talent in the firm now, rather than waiting until you’re about to retire.  That takes thought and planning today.  Learn more about what attracts top talent and how technology can make your business many times more desirable to clients and to the next generation of lawyers.

Updating Technology is Part of a Successful Plan

Like it or not, technology is the only way to run a successful practice that the next generation will want to take over.  Make updating your systems and processes part of your succession plan to ensure your firm is in great shape to hand off, and in great shape for better client experiences today!

For more guidance on what goes into a successful succession plan and why that planning process should start today, download Smokeball’s “Essential Guide to Law Firm Succession Planning.”