Smokeball, the industry leader in legal productivity software, recently released a brand new eBook on perhaps the number one time saver in small law firms: automation.  Automating a small firm starts and ends with documents.  In this new eBook, “Law Firm Document Automation: The Basics,” Smokeball dives into exactly what document automation is and how it works.  Most importantly, however, Smokeball’s new eBook outlines where the benefits of document automation are felt in a small firm. From condensing workflows to more quickly and efficiently training new lawyers and staff, the benefits of automation are huge.  Besides efficiency, document automation in a small firm is one of the only ways to perform quality control over your product.

The new eBook goes far beyond documents to outline many other ways law firms can automate internal processes to achieve a streamlined practice.  From automated billing methods to automated workflows and tasks, Smokeball presents many ways a small firm can let practice productivity software do the procedural thinking.  The more time lawyers and their staff can free up to do the thinking they went to school for, the better shape a small firm is in, both financially and in terms of quality for clients.  In fact, Smokeball clients who have automated various aspects of their business from documents to timekeeping have seen a 30% increase in profitability. Time is a law firm’s only valuable commodity, so stop wasting it.

Download “Law Firm Document Automation: The Basics” today, and learn more about streamlining your entire law practice through automation.

Smokeball is the only Practice Productivity Software on the market and helps small law firms do more than just “manage.”  Join the thousands of legal professionals who rely on Smokeball to streamline a productive law practice.  Schedule a short demo with one of Smokeball’s small firm specialists today! By the way, if you do so in the month of January, you’ll be entered for a 1 in 25 chance to win a new Microsoft Surface Pro 6, the perfect Smokeball companion for a fully mobile practice.