Happy clients are the force that keep your small law firm turning. But disorganized matters can throw your law firm’s productivity off balance and with it, your clients’ happiness. Here’s how keeping close tabs on how your matters contribute to client satisfaction.

Improved Accuracy in Client Work

If your small law firm is like many, you practice several different types of law every day. Jumping from family law to real estate law and then back again is no easy feat, but Smokeball’s matter management tools make it easy to switch seamlessly between different matter types and ensures that important details don’t get lost in the shuffle. Smokeball collects all your matter details every time you open a new matter, and then uses autocompletion to make sure every form and document you create is filled with the appropriate client and matter-specific information. If you’ve ever sent a document with the wrong name (or spent hours using Find and Replace), you know how much of a lifesaver this feature could be!

Improved Response Time

While client responses can’t always be sent at the speed of light, proper matter management will drastically decrease lags in client communication. Since every matter detail is stored in the cloud with Smokeball, urgent messages no longer require you to zip over to your office and gather the correct client information and documents before sending a response. Smokeball’s fully-integrated case management software makes all client emails, matter details, documents and forms accessible anytime, anywhere, so you can respond to your clients the moment they need you, even if you happen to be away from the office.

Firm-wide Efficiency

Effective communication is key to keeping your matters progressing smoothly. Client happiness is mission-critical, and you can’t afford to let internal miscommunication get in the way. By centralizing client and matter details, Smokeball makes it easy for your team to share information and stay on the same page about client work. Why waste time emailing pertinent documents to your co-workers or sifting through paper files to loop a colleague in on a case when you can make all the information they need available at their fingertips at the click of a button?