Investing in legal software is a big decision, and like any big decision, requires some research. Whether you are looking to improve your legal billing processesgain new insights and analytics, or gain a broader view of how practice management software can transform your law firm, it’s vital that you find the right solution for your firm’s specific goals.  

If you’re part of the 91% of consumers who consult online reviews before purchasing a product, there’s a good chance your search for software will start with a search for “best reviewed legal software.” We’ve written previously about utilizing review sites for your law firm’s own marketing purposes, but legal case management software review sites like G2Capterra, and Google My Business are full of firsthand reviews for the law firm software and lawyer apps you may be considering. However, keep in mind that reviews are inherently subjective – read on for tips to evaluate the best reviewed legal software.  

Date of review

The first thing you should look for when evaluating a review is the date it was written. In the rapidly evolving world of legal software, a review from two years ago may no longer be accurate. A huge benefit of cloud-based practice management software like Smokeball over older server-based programs is the ability to constantly add new features and refinements.  

Who wrote the review

A law firm’s bookkeeper will likely have a different focus than an attorney or paralegal. Whether you’re looking for information on legal billing softwarereal estate softwareemail management software, or something else – be sure to seek out reviews from users who may be using the product in the way you will be using it. G2 and Capterra both give reviewers the ability to list their job titles, which can be invaluable as you search for the reviews most relevant to you.  


A couple good or bad review may be an anomaly, but be on the lookout for trends. If multiple reviews rave about a case management software’s automatic time tracking and legal document automation, great! Those time-saving features are aspects you will want to evaluate for use at your own firm. On the other hand, if multiple reviews bring up things like a lack of support or the need to invest in a higher tier of the software in order to reap the benefits advertised, buyer beware.  

Take note of what other users are saying, whether positive or negative, and use that data to shape your conversations when you reach out for more information 

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading your law firm’s practice management system, our Ultimate Guide to Cloud-Based Legal Software e-book offers insight into the common questions and concerns law firms face when making this decision, as well as advice on choosing the best solution for your firm.  

To learn more about why Smokeball is one of the best reviewed legal software programs on G2Capterra, and Google My Businesscontact us today. See for yourself how thousands of Smokeball clients have increased their profitability, organization, and productivity with the right law firm software.