When attorneys are considering the switch to a new case management system, the most common barrier isn’t a feature of the legal software itself – it’s resistance to change. Fear of lost documents and lost time keeps law firms from making a change that could have a huge positive effect on their efficiency and profitability.

To make the transition to our case management system easier than ever, Smokeball has added a new Advanced Form Import feature. Instead of uploading their proprietary forms one-by-one to Smokeball’s Form & Templates Library (the heart of our document automation and management system), users can upload entire folder structures in just a few clicks.

When a user navigates to the “Import Documents from Folder” feature in Smokeball’s Form & Templates Library and selects a folder, Smokeball runs a scan to provide feedback on the number of Word, PDF, and Excel files found. From here, there are two filter options:

  • Document type: We give the option to select only one type of document – either Word, PDF, or Excel – or a combination of those three.
  • Accessed within: Here, users can filter out old or unnecessary documents by choosing to upload only those that have been accessed within a certain time period. Options range from as little as a week to an entire year. This helps users filter out obsolete, unused documents so the firm has the documents they use the most at their fingertips

The parent folder selected will be imported along with those documents matching the selected parameters. Documents will maintain their folder structure, making it easy for users to find the forms they are already familiar with.

The Advanced Form Import is part of a larger collection of updates to our legal software and lawyer app this month and is available to all Smokeball users.