Join Smokeball on October 29th at 12:00 PM CDT for  “Improving Performance through (Im)Perfectionism” a free CLE* webinar with psychotherapist and former large-firm attorney Chelsy Castro as she speaks about one of the most crippling issues lawyers deal with each day, PERFECTIONISM. While that word is not usually pejorative, Chelsy will walk us through how perfectionism can be ruinous to careers and even lives. In addition to 1.0 CLE Credit (CLE credit is for Illinois and Florida jurisdictions only) you’ll learn:

  • What Perfectionism is in the context of mental health and substance abuse;
  • The impact of Perfectionism on our productivity and performance;
  • Best practices for managing Perfectionism;
  • How to maximize productivity and more!

Learn whether you are a perfectionist, why that might be driving down your ability to do great work as a lawyer, and consider some methods and tactics to keep perfectionism in check. Chelsy’s expertise will take us through social, behavioral, and psychological issues with perfectionism to help us arrive at being OK with being IMPERFECT. Once you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good. Save your seat and register for free today! Also, check out the video below to learn more: