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Introducing Activity Intelligence: The Next Generation of Activity Reporting

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


January 24, 2018

Keeping track of how you spend your day can be tough, especially as you balance multiple clients, each with competing priorities. Many attorneys report spending hours each week documenting their work and progress, and most small law firm owners complain that they don’t have a tool that helps them gain needed business intelligence. But all of that is about to change thanks to Smokeball Activity Intelligence (Ai).

What is Smokeball Ai?

Smokeball Ai is the first comprehensive activity reporting tool for small law firms. Ai automatically captures each meeting, email sent, document created, and task completed in Smokeball. Then pulls this information into an easy to read and filter report, turning your activity data into actionable answers.

What does this data mean for small law firms?

You’ll finally have access to much needed insights on how you are spending each day or over the course of an entire case. View patterns of repeated work in fixed fee cases that may be costing you money, or justify a fee increase. With Smokeball Ai, you can look back on your actual work and evaluate if the activities you’re doing daily are helping your business, or hurting your bottom line.

How does Smokeball Activity Intelligence work?

Much like a fitness tracker for your law firm, Smokeball Ai keeps track of each of your law firm’s movements each day. With the majority of your day already spent in Smokeball managing your emails, creating documents, tracking tasks, and scheduling meetings,  the software is uniquely positioned to collect granular information specific to each of your cases. Ai allows you to track every activity and interaction that demonstrates a true audit trail of your law firm’s work performed.

What good is tracking all of your steps if you aren’t able to see your progress? Smokeball Ai translates all of the activity information into an easy-to-understand timeline and reports, giving you the ability to analyze effort and employee progress for a particular matter, staff member, or your entire firm with just a click. No extra effort is required on the individual’s behalf, making the process of accounting for a day incredibly painless.

Smokeball Ai: Game Changer For Your Small Firm

By bridging the gap between the tools and items you use most, like Microsoft Word, email, calendars, phone call notes and tasks, Smokeball can provide you with a complete report of every activity your firm engages in.

With Smokeball Ai, never again be in the position where you ask yourself, “What else did I do on this file, or where did the time go?” Track, evaluate, and learn so you can grow each day with Smokeball Ai to make your business and your team more profitable and productive.

Smokeball’s Ai tool is available to all new and existing Smokeball users. For more information about Smokeball or to request a demo visit the website.

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