Most state and local courts in the United States have strict deadlines for when law firms must complete specific actions in litigation cases. These deadlines can differ based on court, matter type, judge, and jurisdiction; add to these variables the fact that courts may frequently update or change their guidelines, and staying on top of deadlines for multiple cases becomes a formidable task.  

That’s why Smokeball has integrated with legal calendaring software LawToolBox. Rather than going through the headache of manually calculating due dates, or using an external deadline calculator and then adding those dates to their practice management software, users can simply enter the requisite data points into Smokeball. LawToolBox will take that data and calculate all up-to-date deadlines for a case.  

With the LawToolBox integration, users can: 

  • Calculate and edit deadlines in their matters 
  • Delete deadlines that are no longer needed 
  • View deadlines for all matters in one global view 

And most importantly, users can be certain that their deadlines are accurate. LawToolBox stays informed of rule changes from court authorities and transmits that data to Smokeball. When a deadline needs to be updated, Smokeball will prompt users to review – and then accept or reject – the updated deadline. 

Firms practicing litigation, whether civil litigationfamily lawpersonal injuryor probate, will no longer need to worry about missing deadlines and potentially being sued for malpractice. Paralegals and legal assistants get back the time in their day that they may have otherwise spent manually calculating and checking deadlines.  

The ability to see all deadlines across the firm in one global firm makes it easy to prioritize each day’s tasks. When used alongside Smokeball’s native tasks and workflowspowerful document automation, and automatic time tracking, it’s no wonder Smokeball users are able to bill on average an additional $137k per fee earner each year. 

 The LawToolBox integration is available to firms using Smokeball version 7.4, and can be activated in the “Integrated Services” section of your Smokeball Settings. Firms will need to create and maintain a LawToolBox subscription alongside their Smokeball subscription and will receive their first five calculations at no cost. 

To learn more about how Smokeball can help you to stay on top of deadlines, get more done every day, and collaborate effectively no matter where you’re working fromcontact our team for a customized demonstration.