Law firms now have access to the full power of Smokeball while ensuring that files are only available to the appropriate eyes. We’re proud to introduce our new Matter Permissions feature which allows firm owners to restrict user access to select matters. 

Attorneys will be able to take advantage of Smokeball’s industry leading legal case management software with peace of mind that confidential case information will remain secureConflicts of interest, highly sensitive matters, and even administrative matters containing private staff information can be restricted to those staff members required by the case. 

Previously, attorneys may have maintained most of their case load within their practice management system but kept documents and files pertaining to particularly sensitive matters outside of their legal software and stored locally on their machineMaintaining those matters separately doesn’t just prevent attorneys from using Smokeball’s productivity tools – it prevents collaboration between staff members. 

With Matter Permissions members of the firm who will be working on a sensitive matter together maintain the ability to see updates to the case in real time, assign tasks and workflows to each other, and communicate internally and externally via Smokeball’s secure messaging system while maintaining the confidentiality required by the matter 

Data is not only secure, but accurate, thanks to document automation that saves users from typing and re-typing the same information, and attorneys never miss a billable minute with built-in automatic time tracking 

Matter Permissions are available to all law firms as part of their Smokeball subscription and can be applied to matters on an as-needed basis. Matters not requiring permissions will maintain the same transparency that law firms have come to depend on, enabling all members of a firm to view the latest data on those matters whether working remotely or from the office. 

Firm owners will maintain access to all matters and will not be able to be locked out but can apply restrictions to their staff.  Matter Permissions can be applied to both the desktop version of Smokeball and the mobile app. 

For more information on how Smokeball can help your law firm to maintain secure data while decreasing time spent on unbillable administrative tasks, contact us for a free demo