Legal technology has completely transformed the way that small law firms operate in the past year. Even the most traditional firms are beginning to imagine trading in their collection of paper files and outdated tools in favor of more efficient systems. While transitioning to new systems can and processes can do a lot of good for your small law firm, it can also be intimidating and time-consuming. No one knows that better than your fellow attorneys.

That’s why many legal tech companies (Smokeball included) have a strong focus on hiring former attorneys. While our team members no longer practice law, they have unique insights into the needs of small law firm and its staff simply because they used to be in your shoes. Here’s are a few ways our strategy of hiring former legal professionals benefits your small law firm.

Better Software, Focused Support

A big concern many law firms express when they’re considering investing in new legal technology is losing control over their documents, processes and systems. But at Smokeball, we have experienced former attorneys and paralegals on staff who work every day to make sure our software is built to meet the real day-to-day demands of your firm. And if you encounter something that doesn’t work quite the way you expect, personal support from someone who understands your area of law and the unique needs of your practice is just a phone call away.

Personalized Onboarding

Smokeball offers a personalized onboarding process for you and your firm’s staff, and many of our client success managers and trainers have spent time in a small law firm like yours. That means they understand the unique challenges and opportunities that go along with getting everyone in your firm is up to speed on a new technology. Why not learn from someone who has already been there?

Right-Sized Technology

Choosing a legal technology provider can be difficult, especially for a small law firm. Many legal tech solutions are designed for large firms and are too costly or too cumbersome for your small office. Because so many of our team members used to work at small law firms, we understand exactly what law offices like yours need to thrive. We design our software with these considerations in mind, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a solution that has all the features you really need and none you don’t.

Small Law Firm Love

We say it all the time, and we truly mean it: at Smokeball, we love small law firms. Even those of us who do not have legal backgrounds have family and close friends who practice law or have spent significant time working with lawyers at other companies. Because of this, we understand the unique impact that small law firms make in our communities. Attorneys and paralegals interact with their clients during both the happiest and the hardest times of their lives–from buying a first home to creating a living will. The support, insight and counsel small law firm employees provide can be the difference maker that helps individuals thrive during challenges and changes, and we think that’s a pretty special thing. It’s this belief in the importance and impact of small law firms that motivates us to do our best work at Smokeball, and to build solutions that help small law firms do theirs.