Smokeball was created to help law firms run their businesses and assist their clients more effectivelyand now we’re enabling law firms to oversee a whole new area of their practiceOur new Lead Management feature gives law firms the tools they need to manage and follow up with potential new clients before a matter is even created.  

Lead Management allows users to add potential client, or lead, to Smokeball the moment they call in, and to add notes and requisite details while they’re on the phone.  

Creating a new lead is less time intensive than setting up a new pending matter and leaves the more advanced data entry for when the lead converts into a client. Less time is spent creating records for those who may or may not become clients, but all data will be preserved and transferred to the matter once a lead does convert into a client.  

Leads are kept separate from a firm’s existing matters to make it easy to differentiate between active and potential clients. Firms will no longer have to maintain their leads in a separate system or through workarounds within Smokeball. Maintaining all potential and active clients within the same system makes it easy to stay organized and streamline all facets of your practice.  

Users can apply the same best-in-class productivity tools available to active matters to leads, including creating tasks and events, automating letters and forms, and sending SMS messages via our secure messaging app, Communicate. These tools make it easy to review and execute follow up communication and make sure that your firm never lets a potential new client fall through the cracks.  

Smokeball even makes it possible for firms to run reports on their leads, seeing how many were successfully converted into clients and giving firms they data they need to maintain a healthy business. See what types of leads are most likely to become new clients and what factors might play into that conversion rate, and watch your firm thrive.  

With tools like automatic time tracking that keeps you from ever missing a billable minute, a secure file sharing and messaging lawyer app, and legal calendaring that keeps your whole team on track, Smokeball is committed to helping law firms be more organized, more productive, and more profitable. Contact us for more information on how we can help make 2021 your best year yet.