Keeping track of all your passwords, especially the complex ones can become confusing, especially if your law firm uses a large number of programs requiring different log-ins. With more programs requiring the use of different combinations of numbers, capital letters and symbols as password requirements, it gets tough remembering which password goes to what program. Fortunately, with password management program added to your arsenal of legal tech tools, you need to only remember one master password, then you can let the software remember all your log-in information.

Here are some of the best password managers for lawyers.

KeePass: The free open source password manager KeePass helps you manage your passwords securely. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is then locked with one master password. KeePass is a great option for lawyers on a budget as it’s completely free.

LastPass: All sensitive data is encrypted before syncing with LastPass if you choose it as your password manager, meaning your key never leaves your device or is shared with LastPass. The software is secure and also free if you choose their basic option. One feature of LastPass is their option to upgrade to Premium for unlimited access to mobile apps, sharing features and multifactor authentication options.

Keeper: Keeper is another one of the password managers which is free to download and use, although backing up your information on the Cloud does cost a fee. It has a clean interface for navigating through your many log-ins. When you navigate to a website you have already entered the log-in information for, Keeper puts buttons at the top of the interface letting you touch to enter your name, then touch again to enter your password.

Roboform: If you choose to use Roboform as your password manager it lets you automatically log into your web accounts using the embedded browser. The app is free to download but can only save limited log-ins until you upgrade and pay. Roboform remembers the first online form you ever fill out, then saves the data you entered so the next form can be filled in with the click of a button.

At Smokeball we know how important it is to keep legal information secure and safe, which is why we take every care to protect your data when it is being stored and transmitted. We recommend your law firm implement one of the above programs to keep track of all your passwords in a secure area.