The holiday season is officially underway, and at your small law firm, that likely means balancing a hectic schedule and trying to tie up loose ends before your well-deserved time off with family and friends. While searching for the perfect gift for your nephew twice-removed might be stressful, your work life shouldn’t have to be! With Smokeball’s new Daily Digest Feature, you can stay organized this holiday season and save your stress for gift hunting and family dinner with the inlaws.

Smokeball’s Daily Digest Pane is a feature that allows you to see your missed calls, events and upcoming tasks at a glance from a central spot within the Smokeball platform. By helping you prioritize urgent and important tasks, Daily Digest makes it easy for you to get on top of your workload. The Daily Digest feature also allows you to reprioritize less pressing tasks to a different day, which can be crucial during the holiday season, when parties and obligations can quickly send your schedule for a tailspin.

Have you ever forgotten an important task after “mentally noting” that you would get to it tomorrow? Smokeball’s Daily Digest will make sure nothing goes forgotten for too long. It takes over where your sometimes-selective memory leaves off with red “overdue” messages that let you will know when items requires your immediate attention.

The feature will also give you a run-down of your missed messages. When other members of your firm take your clients’ messages, they can autofill them with your client matter details and tag you so you have everything you need to follow up.

Smokeball’s Daily Digest might just be the holiday miracle that helps tighten your focus even amidst the rush and stress of the season. For more information on how to give your firm the gift of Smokeball, download the 10 Days to Smokeball Implementation Guide here.