Every healthy relationship is based on communication, communication, communication! Client relationships should be no different. Here are three quick, easy and unconventional ways to stay in touch with clients and show them you care.

Send Unconventional Greeting Cards

The Hallmark store may have rows and rows of cards for every occasion, but you have something they don’t: insight into the lives of your clients. Instead of sending your clients cards for birthdays and traditional holidays (though those are great too!), try sending something a little more personal and relevant to your relationship. If you’re a real estate attorney, send a card for a client’s first anniversary of the closing on their first home. If you’re a divorce attorney, why not send a card congratulating a newly divorced client on a year of independence? Unconventional cards can help bring a smile to your clients’ faces long after their case is dropped. Who knows? A short personal note be just the push past clients need to rehire your firm or let their friends and family know about your great work and personal service.

Deliver News They Can Use

Keeping your clients informed and up-to-date on matters pertinent to their cases is one of your key responsibilities as a lawyer. Be sure you’re keeping an eye on the news and alerting your clients to new developments and current events they should be aware of. But don’t just forward links. Include a few quick bullets that will help your clients interpret the information you’re sending and understand how it’s relevant to them.

Reach Out Via Social Media

Chances are, the majority of your clients have an active social media presence. According to ABA, law firms are starting to use social media to communicate with clients (and potential clients) more than ever before. There’s no time like the present to start interacting with your contacts on social media and building active profiles through which prospective clients can discover and get to know you.

Strong communication skills makes all the difference in the legal industry, and could be the one factor that sets your firm apart from the competition. For more information on easy ways to stay touch with your clients, check out our blog post: Three Ways to Build Client Loyalty at Your Small Law Firm.