Smokeball clients are now eligible to receive free software licenses for their summer associates. Just as we have assisted attorneys who are adjusting to remote work environments with improved video chattime tracking, and e-signing, we are proud to continue supporting those law firms seeking to maintain or expand their summer associate programs.  

Smokeball is committed to ensuring that small law firms are able to provide the next generation of attorneys with access to an educational and productive summer intern experience, regardless of the financial and logistical challenges firms may face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

By extending Smokeball access to summer associates, law firms will be able to fully integrate their associates into their business. Students will be able to continue their legal education by gaining real-world experience while contributing to the success of a small law firm. 

“Law students are facing a lot of uncertainty right now, and we are determined to do what we can to support them.” said Hunter Steele, Smokeball’s CEO and founder. “By offering free licenses for summer associates, we hope to encourage our clients to continue offering law students the opportunity to learn and grow with them over the summer.” 

“While the challenges presented by COVID-19 may seem daunting, this is an incredible opportunity for law students to experience and even contribute to the ingenuity displayed by law firms across the country.” 

Complimentary licenses for summer associates are included as part of the subscription for all current Smokeball clients. Training will be available for associates using Smokeball for the first time.  

Smokeball is legal practice management software providing case management, document automation, billing capabilities, and more. If you’re interested in how we can help your firm thrive this summer, get started today