Most of us aspire to maintain (or even increase) our level of productivity when working remotely. But despite those best intentions, the lack of access to office amenities we’ve become accustomed to can still slow us down.

That’s why Smokeball has improved and streamlined its e-signature capabilities, and law firms can now send documents via DocuSign directly from a matter. This will considerably reduce the time and effort required to collect signatures, and remove the dependence on access to a printer and scanner.

DocuSign is one of the most secure and widely trusted digital signing platforms on the market, maintaining stringent security standards and utilizing some of the strongest data encryption technologies available.

With this improved feature, Smokeball users can select “Docusign” in the Send menu to have a document automatically opened for editing within the DocuSign platform. The user will be presented with the ability to drag-and-drop the signature components to the page, adding as many as are needed. Once that has been completed, signers will be notified that a document is ready for their review. After the signer has added their e-signature, the signed document will be automatically re-uploaded to the matter in Smokeball, eliminating the need for law firms to manually tag the completed document to a matter.

Previously, Smokeball users were able to request signatures through DocuSign via our Infotrack integration. We’ve left that feature intact for those who utilize Infotrack for e-filing, but for most documents the new process will reduce clicks and increase efficiency.

For businesses that have not yet adopted e-signing technology, adding a signature to an electronic document requires sending the document to the signing party and then waiting for them to print, sign, scan, and email it back. It’s a time-consuming process and can be practically impossible when separated from a printer and scanner-as many of us are due to COVID-19 remote work recommendations.

The e-signature improvement is offered as part of a larger software update this month as we continue to support law firms working remotely.