March 15, 2017
Smokeball’s new AutoTime feature time records automatically for small law firms, and enables them to understand the profitability of their work, whether billed by the hour, fixed or flat fee, or contingency.

Chicago, Illinois., March 15, 2017
Smokeball’s AutoTime feature will revolutionize how small law firms record their time as well as allow them to gain a deep understanding of profitability per matter, whether time recorded, based on a fixed fee, or contingency.

Law firms using Smokeball’s practice management system rely heavily on the software to create documents, send emails, record incoming emails, complete tasks and memos, and to track meetings and court appearances.

Smokeball’s AutoTime accurately tracks each activity and completes a timesheet for each fee earner daily so the firm captures significantly more time than ever before. Unlike other standalone time recording software which only track activity, AutoTime always knows the correct matter to associate an activity to, and automatically creates the time entry.
AutoTime’s Profitability Tracker provides small law firms the business intelligence needed to make smart data-driven decisions. Firms seeking to move to a fixed or flat fee structure, or other alternative fee agreements, must know the time, cost, and profitability of their matters. AutoTime analyzes your activities, time, and costs to provide profitability per matter type, per staff member, and per client.

“No other software can track your work like Smokeball does. We’re releasing firms from the monotony and often impossibility of tracking all their time and activity while allowing them to really understand how much time they’re spending vs what they’re billing on every matter. You’ll be able to know quickly if you’re making money or not” said Jane Oxley, President of Smokeball.
“Smokeball’s AutoTime feature means you never have to time record again and can easily track your entire small law firm’s profitability like never before. Attorneys should be able to spend their time doing their work, not trying to capture what they did. AutoTime will enable firms to bill more, and more transparently, which means their clients will truly appreciate the volume of work the firm has undertaken for them.”

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