Smokeball-Selected-as-2017-Admitted-Vendor-by-How-to-Manage-a-Small-Law-FirmIf you’ve heard about How to Manage a Small Law Firm (”HTM”) or are a member, you know that Smokeball being selected as 2017 Admitted Vendor is a big deal. The Admitted Vendor list is exclusive and requires vendors to be fully vetted by HTM. You can’t pay your way onto this list.

If you’ve never heard of How to Manage a Small Law Firm, let me tell you a little bit about them. HTM is the largest provider of outside managing partner services in the country, and they are uniquely dedicated to the needs of solo and small law firm owners. HTM works with thousands of attorneys to help them through the “4 Stages of a Firm” with the goal of reaching the Million Dollar Club. Their mission is to help “ambitious and entrepreneurial lawyers discover how to create massively profitable law firms that are fun to run and much more profitable than poorly run law firms that require the owner to suffer and sacrifice and sweat because no-one ever taught any of us about how to manage law firm and run it as a profitable business that serves our noble profession.”

For Smokeball to get admitted, we went through an admission process that included a multi-page application, details about Smokeball, and several references from our users. HTM verified all our information and details and even used a third party to verify all the references to ensure a fair and neutral evaluation.

It’s very important for HTM to be non-biased about products they recommend. HTM is an integral part of the firm’s management team and they can’t take any referral fees because that would cause a conflict of interest.  This is why you can’t pay your way onto their exclusive list. HTM is “agnostic” when it comes to vendors that their members do business with.

If you think about it, it’s in HTM’s best interest to make sure that their members are using the best legal practice management software. HTM is helping solo and small law firms use best practices, become efficient, and be more profitable. This is exactly what Smokeball does.

Smokeball is passionate about helping you succeed and providing the best legal practice management software. We strive to reduce the stress of running a law firm so that you can get to the practice of law. With our latest feature, TimeScribe, we empower our users by automatically tracking every activity and giving you insights into matter profitability. Just as HTM’s mission is to create “massively profitable law firms,” Smokeball provides you the tools to increase your profitability and measure your success. In fact, we analyzed the data and found Smokeball TimeScribe users are capturing 34% more time and generating $36,000 more per user per year.

We are very pleased to be selected by HTM as a 2017 Admitted Vendor and look forward to working with HTM members and other attorneys that want to become more efficient and more profitable.