Wherever he walks in the office, raucous laughter and tears of joy spread like wildfire. Rob Everette is the true “class clown” of Smokeball. From a background in art history to now helping lead Smokeball’s client renewal efforts, Rob is a true renaissance man with a killer sense of humor notorious throughout Smokeball.

Rob came to Smokeball after some time post-graduation selling cloud technology solutions for a small IT company. He came to Smokeball seeking opportunities to move around and try new opportunities. “I was looking for tech-related companies, and I did a lot of research on innovative tech in Chicago,” he recalled. “Smokeball kept coming up in all my research!” As he continued his research for new Chicago-based opportunities, he kept coming back to Smokeball. “As a salesperson, you’re constantly wanting a solution that pushes boundaries and is on the cutting edge of tech.” What sealed the deal on his application was the slew of positive reviews on many platforms from current and former employees. “I was drawn to the positivity,” he remembered.

After spending considerable time on the Smokeball Sales Team, Rob has assumed a new integral role on Smokeball’s client renewal team as a Client Renewal Consultant. Part of any SaaS model is keeping existing clients happy and healthy, and Rob’s team works tirelessly with the Client Success Team to ensure Smokeball customers are “clients for life.” His enthusiasm and humor are a big part of that job.

“The world we live in right now is already currently using technology at an unprecedented rate, and if you have not accepted that at this point—that tech makes your life easier—then you’re completely missing the boat.”

Rob studied Art History at the University of Iowa with the idea of parlaying that knowledge into a graphic design career. Before jumping into technology, Rob spent some time after college managing a fine wine and spirits shop. “My knowledge of alcohol is better than most,” he joked. Now at Smokeball, the reason he loves coming to work each day is that “people genuinely care about their job and others, which is not the case with most places.” He also noted Smokeball’s willingness to elicit feedback from employees, make necessary changes, and that the technology is “a step above everyone in [the] sphere of competitors.”

How so?

For Rob, it is the practice-area-specific matter types in Smokeball; the matter types for estate planning software are completely different, with different customization options compared to real estate law software or criminal law software matter types. “They’re not cookie cutter for all areas of law,” he elaborated, “but specifically designed for particular practice areas with calculators, calculations, and much more.” On sales, he remembers really being able to “wow” prospective customers with the amount of detail in certain matter layouts. For Rob, small firm owners must take a look about Smokeball for a broad reason: “The world we live in right now is already currently using technology at an unprecedented rate, and if you have not accepted that at this point—that tech makes your life easier—then you’re completely missing the boat.” Technology to Rob is a tool that makes life better, and Smokeball especially delivers on that promise for lawyers and their staff. “Smokeball bridges the gap between cutting edge technology and law-specific requirements. The way the system is designed is very robust while still being very easy to use; you shouldn’t be overwhelmed and should learn how to take advantage of it. The more you use it the easier your life gets – black and white.”

But enough about Smokeball legal practice management software and more about Rob!

He thoroughly enjoys sports, and just as thoroughly enjoys betting on them. In his free time he hits the city with his fiancé to find small bars with new live music. He is a big fan of “reading” fantasy books. “I love reading, but I only listen to books on tape,” he laughed. He recalled his favorite place ever visited as Alaska: “It’s the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been to—so wild and untapped; everything you do there is awesome.” When he needs some quiet time to himself, you’ll find Rob on the front deck of his Chicago apartment, especially when it’s raining and thundering. Rob’s favorite Chicago food spot is Michael’s Pizza in Uptown: “best pizza in the city by far!” He also loves Sal’s Trattoria because “they change their menu on homemade Italian all the time and mix a mean Negroni.”

For Rob, life consists of the perfect mix of laughter, great work, and fun. As described above, and as hopefully shines through here, Rob’s personality and humor are infectious and welcomed in the Smokeball office. We know all the clients who love Smokeball and renew their subscriptions with Rob feel the same!