Smokeball-User-Symposium-2017We’re excited for our second Smokeball User Symposium coming up on October 12, 2017!

The Symposium is a unique event where users come together at our Chicago office to learn about new features, get additional training, network with other users, and share their Smokeball experiences.

One of the best parts about the Symposium (other than the fact that it’s a completely FREE event with CLE credit and lunch) is listening to our users and getting feedback on what we need to improve and what new features users want. Client feedback is at the core of what we do. One of our core values is: “Innovate for the customer, not the press release.” This means we focus our effort and time on developing features that will make the most difference in our users’ day. We can’t wait to talk to you!

We will start the symposium by introducing you to some of the latest features, such as TimeScribe, and show you some of the latest and greatest features to come in upcoming releases.  If your firm is not using TimeScribe, we will make sure you have it turned on before you leave. TimeScribe automatically tracks all your activities and gives you the profitability of each matter.  Based on actual user data, TimeScribe users make $36,000 more per user per year compared to non-TimeScribe users. Also, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the new features that are coming and how it will change the way you run and manage your firm.

Before we break for lunch (I’ve heard that it will be delicious), I will be presenting a CLE titled “Best Practices in Timekeeping and Accounting” (1 hr. CLE credit). This session will cover the best practices of timekeeping, how the Rules of Professional Conduct apply, review case law regarding timekeeping and accounting, and discuss how you can use technology to make sure you are capturing all your time.

Also, remember to bring your laptop. We will have our automation specialists available to train you on your own templates and documents that you need help with. This is an incredible opportunity to sit down and get personalized help with document automation. Figure out how you can use questions and if-then-else statements to customize your documents. You will also get to spend time with your account manager to talk about additional training, features, and anything else you may need help with.

The User Symposium is a great time for you to meet other Smokeball users and create relationships, connections, and learn about others. While you are here, meet the whole Smokeball team and get in a game of pool or ping pong.

If you haven’t already, reserve your spot now! Looking forward to seeing you there!