Smokeball’s Certified Paralegal Program

//Smokeball’s Certified Paralegal Program

Smokeball knows that being a paralegal isn’t easy. You’re often crunched for time, wearing multiple hats in the office, and have a heavy workload. We also know that you are one of the most valuable assets to a small law firm. That’s why we have developed a certification program that is focused on the most important skills you need to become more efficient in the workplace.

The Certified Paralegal Program is completely free. It’s designed to help you (and your colleagues) improve your understanding and utilization of Smokeball and Microsoft Office, and even includes ideas that will enhance your overall productivity. Not only will you learn how to use Smokeball more effectively and improve your understanding of document automation, document management and email management, but you will also quickly become more organized and efficient with all client matters as a result of your participation in the program.

As a paralegal, we understand that your work life is hectic. That’s why Smokeball’s Certified Paralegal Program is completely designed around — and for — your schedule. To earn your certification, register and take all 10 courses at your own pace. That’s right: there’s no rigid start or end dates, and you set the schedule.

Courses are separated into three sections:

  • Smokeball
  • Microsoft Office
  • Productivity Applications & Time Management Tools

In the weekly Smokeball Basics courses, you will be introduced to best practices for creating, modifying and using automated documents with Smokeball. Then, you’ll move onto more advanced courses, which just might leave you shocked that you ever wasted so much time manually completing a task that could have easily been automated through Smokeball. You will also be introduced to Microsoft Office tools, shortcuts and best practices for paralegals in addition to time management tips, tricks and tools throughout the course of your certification program.

Once you finish all the coursework, you will be presented with a digital certificate of completion and even get a nifty badge to display proudly on your LinkedIn profile. How cool is that?

Your small law firm couldn’t succeed without paralegals like you. Let Smokeball be the engine that helps you work better, faster and smarter. To learn more about the Certified Paralegal Program and sign up, click here!

November 17th, 2015|

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