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Social Media Workbook for Attorneys: Learn How to Use Social Media to Your Firm’s Advantage [Free eBook]

social-media-workbook-cvrAs an attorney and small business owner, social media should cease to be a method for only personal interaction and communication. As you might already be aware of, companies ranging from Fortune-500 to mom-and-pop shops are now utilizing social media platforms to drive messaging and hopefully business. Your small law firm should be no different. Social media presents a wonderful (and cheap) way to get your firm’s message out into the community.

Smokeball’s latest eBook, “Social Media Workbook for Attorneys”, shares dozens of law firm marketing tips in a fun way that allows you to start planning your firm’s social media plan. Most importantly, author and attorney Scott Malouf will take you through the correct ways to have your firm jump into the social media pool. From defining social media success to relevant ethical considerations, the Social Media Workbook will put you on a track to driving clients, talent, and the right kind of attention to your firm, with the right kind of.

Social Media is a Unique Marketing Tool

Nowadays, it is not foreign to hear mentions of “social media” and use of it to drive behaviors. Social media platforms are a central source of messaging for businesses, politicians, and everyday folks. Social media is different from other traditional law firm marketing avenues due to volume, informality, and visualization. To be successful in the social media world, your firm needs a definition of success and a plan for how you want to be perceived in certain social realms. In the eBook, Scott will take you through various exercises to find out your social media persona as a starting point for that planning process.

The umbra of social media includes many platforms. Often, we can make the mistake of lumping all these platforms together as serving the same purpose; however, as the workbook outlines, there must be careful thought put into what types of social media you want to work in. Certain platforms might be much better for your firm’s goals than others.

Ethics Concerns Spook Lawyers Away From Social Media

The “Social Media Workbook for Attorneys” highlights the fact that attorney nervousness around breaking ethics rules should not keep them from pushing into the future for the betterment of their firm. As with any new technology, you do not want to fly blind. You can always consult local rules, other social-media-savvy lawyers, and even the ABA or local bar section to ensure your online activities do not break any rules. Of course, confidentiality remains paramount, as does competence. Attorney advertising rules could also be implicated, so simply review and know your stuff—don’t let these concerns bar you from embarking on a social media strategy. Ethics should simply be a box to check in any law firm’s social media strategy.

What to Say and When to Say It

We all have our own ideas about information overload and how information is presented over social media, both personally and professionally. As described in Smokeball’s new E-Book, the name of the game is consistency and variety. As Scott says, “[y]ou can’t, and shouldn’t, drop everything to post multiple times a day.” Make sure you have a good plan to provide helpful information that does not wear your followers or you out. Remember, too, that posting does not mean you need to write the material you share each time. Simply re-sharing helpful information that is in line with your social media persona and goals will show that you are apprised of the latest and more important news in your line of lawyering.

Ensure that your posts are helpful to your desired readership and client base. Also, unlike your law firm email communication, you should shy away from responding to everything written about or tagging you. Don’t answer specific legal questions online, as it puts you at risk of forming an attorney-client relationship. Don’t engage in online battles, and avoid posting content in a provocative or alienating way. Remember, you want to gain readership, clients, and talent through social media activity. Your opinions are appreciated, but be sure your writing and posting is always tactful and thoughtful.

Social Media Presence is Important (and Fun)!

Today, many professionals get their information from online communities and social media generally. You can’t allow your firm to be left out of the discussion. Social media presence is an important step toward “brand awareness” for your firm and your own lawyering skills. It not only can begin attracting potential clients, it can draw better talent to your firm, create working relationships with other lawyers, and open up opportunities to speak or present in person. Social media platforms are some of the cheapest and easiest avenues for direct marketing. The ease of use and access also means that your shared content should stand out to readers in some ways. The “Social Media Workbook for Attorneys” will ensure you’re making the right decisions toward standing out.

As you wade into the social media pool, you’ll soon find that ethical concerns are not as daunting as they once seemed and that the overall process of sharing information can be rewarding and fun. Your firm, your accomplishments, and your brain are worth sharing.  Just as Smokeball provides efficiency, organization, and security to your firm’s day-to-day operations, this eBook will provide the same to your social media presence. Download it for free today!

To learn more about Scott Malouf and his expertise in the social media arena, visit For information about how Smokeball legal case management software, request a free demo today and see why the most successful small law firms use Smokeball.

Also, be sure to check out a full webinar from Scott on social media success in our Smokeball Monthly Webinar Series – coming soon!