Tech Products with Great Security Features for Small Law Firms

//Tech Products with Great Security Features for Small Law Firms

For the past month on Law In Order, we’ve been discussing best practices for keeping your firm’s digital information safe from online security threats. From password safety tips to virus protection programs, we’ve covered a host of actionable ways your firm can stay on top of safeguarding confidential information. One of those suggestions is centered around using only the most secure technology at your office. This means programs like your invoicing software and password managers should come loaded with features that protect the sensitive information you input into them.

If you’re looking to add some reliable tech products to your firm, here are three programs with great security features that your firm should consider:

Password Alert

Password Alert is a (free!) program you can add to your Google Chrome browser that tracks the safety of your Google account passwords. If you are ever entering your Google account login information on a page that isn’t Google, Password Alert will quickly warn you to change your password. This program essentially protects “phishing” sites and online password thieves from impersonating a Google sign in page in order to steal your information. And because Password Alert doesn’t actually store your keystrokes or passwords, it’s safe from online hackers as well.


As one of the programs we recommended in our invoicing tools post, you can bet Freshbooks has some top-notch security features. Because Freshbooks is Cloud-based (meaning the information you put into the program is saved to an external server – not your computer’s hard drive), the program has multiple layers of security to protect important information. Firewalls, data encryption and secure server locations are just a few of the ways Freshbooks makes sure that your firm’s financial data stays out of the wrong hands.


No matter what legal practice area you work in, handling sensitive information via email, like real estate closing documents and divorce papers, is a daily occurrence. Keeping this information out of the wrong hands is incredibly important, and with Smokeball’s security features, safeguarding client documents is simple. Just like Freshbooks, Smokeball relies on Cloud-based technology to make our case management software as accessible and easy to use as possible. Smokeball uses bank-grade security, encryption, firewalls and data backups, to keep your clients’ confidential information safe while it’s being transmitted and stored.

Is the technology at your small law firm equipped to keep client information safe? If not, it may be time to re-evaluate the programs your firm uses.

May 26th, 2015|