Personal Injury lawyers wear many hats; they serve as the confidant, the counselor, and the advocate for people in crisis due to accidents, negligence or malicious harm. As a result, the workflow necessary for each case can seem insurmountable. Manually tracking matter details from all involved parties and keeping note of medical reports, insurance claims, worker’s compensation claims, and the other multitude of factors associated with a Personal Injury case can often feel too cumbersome for you and your team of lawyers.

Legal practice management software for personal injury attorneys can help manage all of these tasks and more, but you need the right features (in the right software). Let’s take a look at some tips for choosing the right personal injury law software.

Strong Technology Foundation Required

If you want to successfully run a Personal Injury law firm, you must have a strong technological foundation of software tools that help get the job done right. Just as a doctor relies heavily on medical diagnostic tools to assist in seeing the damage that may not be evident otherwise, cutting-edge law firm management software is imperative to the success of a personal injury case and the protection of your clients.

The question is no longer ‘should I incorporate software into my legal practice?’ but rather ‘which software works best for the needs of my clients and my practice?”

Every Personal Injury law firm must have a commitment to seamless internal and external communication with associates, partners, and anyone related to a matter. Your software should also ensure that all case details, including photographs, testimony, and police reports, are protected and secure.

Whether you’re veteran law firm updating your software or you’re a new law firm exploring law firm management software for the first time, you want to invest in the most effective legal practice management software available that addresses the needs of Personal Injury legal practices. No matter what phase your law firm is in, your decision to establish a strong technological foundation is imperative to your success.

Essential Features

If you want to keep your law firm on the cutting edge of today’s law practice management technology, there are four primary features to consider when choosing the best software for your firm:

  1.     User-Friendliness
  2.     Accessibility
  3.     Efficiency
  4.     Organization

But even with all the right basic features, if the software does not fit the specific workflow needs of a Personal Injury law firm it’s not only a useless tool, it can negatively impact your ability to serve your clients effectively. You need law practice management software like Smokeball that takes into account the unique workflow needs of Personal Injury attorneys, plaintiff-specific matter types and defendant-specific matter types.

There are many software packages on the market, but you should make sure that the software you choose fits your unique needs. This guide will highlight major features of law practice management tools like Smokeball and offer tips for comparing software so you can make an informed decision when choosing the best software for your Personal Injury practice. After all, the right software can help you remove a few hats and focus on what really matters in your practice, so choose wisely.

Is It User-Friendly?  

Regardless of your experience with technology, you are busy and want the software to be user-friendly. No matter how advanced, the best software should follow one fundamental rule: get help.

A quick user guide and the software itself can be a good start to navigate through the system, but let’s be honest — in order to learn all the features and how they can help you, you’ll need to get trained properly. Smokeball includes a full onboarding and training program and provides your firm with a dedicated account manager to ensure you and your staff know the software (so you’ll actually use it). We believe this unique approached to legal software support and our intuitive software help Smokeball earn the rank as the #1 Overall and #1 Easiest to Use Legal Case Management Software by G2 Reviews.

But before you call a help desk, take a look at the software itself. The main screen should immediately address your workflow needs.

Smokeball displays all your critical information on one screen.

After careful research of the workflow and needs of its personal injury clients, Smokeball created a streamlined matter screen for each personal injury file showing all the critical data on one screen and creating a user-friendly experience.

Some features of the matter screen show, (1) the Statute of Limitations date, (2) the claim number, (3) adjuster name, (4) adjuster phone number, and (5) the firm’s out-of-pocket for expense tally for the case. 


Everything you need to do should be visible and clickable making site navigation a smooth experience.

Is It Accessible?

You are on the go, in court, meeting clients, researching information, and trying to make time for family and friends. You need to access software from your phone, your tablet, or from whatever device is most convenient at the time.

Smokeball has the best legal mobile app that is compatible with Androids and iPhones. Whether you need to pull up data in court, add information when meeting with a client in the office or on the go, or you are working from home, you can access all of your important client information, documents, and calendar dates. The app keeps your information up-to-date with automatic backups through Smokeball’s cloud sync, ensuring that you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.


Is It Efficient For My Work Needs?

Efficiency is a ‘must have’ when choosing software for your personal injury practice. The software should increase your productivity as opposed to creating more work or stress because it lacks critical features that you need to win the case. Below are a few crucial characteristics that Smokeball was careful not to neglect when developing this software custom-built for your needs as a Personal Injury attorney.

You can truly let go of your spreadsheets and let Smokeball do the work with the following automated functions.


  •       Lien and balance tracking. Smokeball provides a lien and balance tracking system on one screen making it efficient and user-friendly. You can see the total possible claim, the actual amount claimed, and the negotiated settled amount as well as reports and settlement tabs in the same function.
  •       Medical & Settlement details. All of your case financial tracking is in one tab with Smokeball. The matter type streamlines the tracking of medical providers, document requests, and invoices with those calculations ending in an automated settlement statement. Although you will still have control over your settlement statements, there is a drop-down menu offering adjustments based on the variant dynamics. The best efficiency factor is that these features do the manual labor for you and remove the possibility of human error.
  •       Advanced reports showing case status. You will always know your updated case status. The reports tab includes (1) documents requested (medical records, etc.), (2) medical provider summaries, (3) medical provider outstanding amounts, (4) medical provider invoice line items, (5) lienholder summaries, and even (6) lienholder and balances without liens. 
  •       Memos tracking settlement negotiations. The memo tab is within the personal injury matter screen and clickable for you to review previous negotiations and prep for additional ones, as entries are automatically timed and dated showing the name of the staff member who had the discussion. Stay abreast of all negotiation details.
  •       Activity Intelligence. In Smokeball, Ai stands for Activity Intelligence, a tool that helps you manage your firm’s productivity. With this cutting-edge intelligence feature you can view time, effort, and activities for a particular matter, a specific staff member, or your entire firm with just a click.

One of the most powerful Smokeball features is legal document generation. Document generation allows you to automatically access every detail in your client matter file and make important adjustments to details such as grammar and pronouns which could easily impact the outcome of your case. Document Automation reduces document errors and decreases time spent drafting standard documents and correspondence.  Smokeball boasts powerful automated settlement states, medical records requests, and much more!

Does It Organize My Workday?

Organization is a key feature of law practice management software that you cannot function without. You need your daily, weekly and monthly schedule, law firm email management, communication, and contacts at your fingertips. Your assistant may be out of the office, and even though you can access Alexa and Okay Google on the go, the truth is that most people do not have those devices connected to their calendars, emails and contacts. You have to set it up manually.

Through its robust legal calendar management features, Smokeball keeps track of your court dates, depositions, client check-ins, medical appointment tracking, and meetings for each of your clients and connects to Outlook, making your workflow a well-oiled machine.

You will never miss an email, emailed attachment, or important notice again with Smokeball’s Email Management tool. You can capture and record every emailed communication related to a specific case. Smokeball will link them so your information is not scattered and time-consuming to locate. In addition, Smokeball keeps track of your contacts, e.g. clients, experts, witnesses, doctors, by serving as a contact database so you can easily retrieve a contact with a single click.

We hope you learned a few things to look out for when choosing a legal practice management software for personal injury attorneys.

To learn more about Smokeball for personal injury law, view our PI Tour or schedule a demo.