On Friday, November 16, Smokeball hosted its latest free webinar in the Smokeball Monthly Webinar Series.  “Ending the Year Right” featured Gerri Martin, CPA and Smokeball Certified Consultant, on topics pertinent to small law firms getting ready to wrap up 2018 and start 2019 strong.  The intent of the webinar was to deliver important reminders about what can be done in November, December, and even January to ensure that 2019 gets off on the right foot.


The webinar focused on both fun and serious topics that come up at year’s end for small firms.  Gerri opened with reminders about preparing for holiday cards and gifts to clients, and also included some discussion around internal party planning and bonus distribution.  She then moved to matter destruction and document retention, account reports, and management reports.


Gerri’s expertise in small law firm accounting practices lent itself to discussions around balancing trust accounts and ledgers, analyzing financial statements, and reconciliations.  She further reminded lawyer attendees of various rules surrounding client monies that come into focus at year’s end.


Gerri’s expertise in project management also shined through as the webinar shifted focus into management reporting and analysis.  She highlighted reports to run, how to properly use them, and why it makes a big difference to do both before January 1. The webinar revolved around analyzing, implementing, and forecasting into the new year.


To watch the full webinar and have your firm benefit from Gerri Martin’s insights, click here.  Also, be sure to download the companion eBook, Smokeball’s “Small Law Firm Guide to Closing Out the Year,” if you need some handy information on your desk before 2019.  We look forward to hearing how these resources help your team prepare for a fantastic and happy new year!

Smokeball practice management software is dedicated to helping small law firms achieve more success with less stress.  To see all the great features that make up Smokeball, some of which are discussed in Gerri’s webinar, schedule a free demo with a small firm specialist here.