On Thursday, March 28, Smokeball hosted a webinar all about preparing for, executing, and supporting a legal software change.  The webinar was intended to cure lawyers of analysis paralysis and provide concrete action items for each of the three phases of a software change.  Smokeball attorney and Lead Content Strategist Josh Taylor was joined by training and implementation specialist Jessica Robinson for great discussion on how to plan for a software upgrade.  View the entire webinar here, and review the following post for an overview of the three phases of software change.

  • Prep Phase: Plan to plan! Without thinking about your staff, your needs, your current processes and technology, and your goals, making a change is futile.
  • Execution Phase: Organize your files, your technology, and your team. Don’t lose sight of your goals as you put rubber to the road.  Also, don’t’ hesitate to seek temporary or professional help with the actual execution of a tech change.
  • Support Phase: Pick software that provides training and support. Robust software upgrades take support from several teams.  Don’t pay for software without comprehensive support!

Along with this webinar, Smokeball now provides an eBook, the “Guide to Implementing or Changing Legal Software,” with checklists and action plans when it’s time to make a change.

When it’s time to upgrade your legal software, remember that Smokeball is the industry leader in legal productivity software.  Stop just “managing” your practice, and let Smokeball make your team more productive and profitable!