Stress Free Legal BillingOn Friday, September 21, 2018, Smokeball joined forces with its trusted integration partner and industry payment leader, LawPay, for a conversation on reducing stress and friction in law firm billing.  If you missed the webinar, you can access a full recording here.  

Amy Mann, LawPay’s Communications Director, joined Smokeball’s own attorney-in-residence, Josh Taylor, for a conversation on what small firms should start thinking about in today’s digital payment environment.  

The webinar looked at legal billing technology from the client perspective and the law firm perspective, making it a thorough discussion of both sides of the coin.  The goal was to unpack what creates a frictionless payment experience (so that law firms get paid faster and more reliably) and what also creates a stress-free billing experience for law firm staff.  Legal billing is consistently a top pain point for small firms, so we figured we’d try to put an end to the stress once and for all with LawPay’s help!

For Clients, Take Friction Out of Paying

Amy and Josh spent the beginning of the webinar addressing the law firm client side of better billing practices.  Worrying about how easy it is for clients to pay their bills is a requirement of all businesses today. Law firms should be delivering payment options to their clients that those clients get from Amazon, Netflix, and almost every service they consume.  Think about how much you do/pay for from your phone, and then consider why small law firms should be any different. Quick electronic payment increases the likelihood of being paid exponentially, and it gives overwhelmed legal clients a sense of control over their legal experiences.

For Law Firms, Take Stress Out of Billing

With Smokeball’s litany of time-saving features and its automatic time-tracking capabilities, and LawPay’s easy-to-use and compliant electronic payment system, law firms will ease lawyer and staff stress around monthly billing.  Stop stuffing envelopes and editing bills ad nauseam. Stop chasing down clients that don’t pay for weeks after billing them. Let technology take over, and get your staff back to billable work or get out of the office more often.

The webinar concluded with terrific questions, some of which asked about specific tech abilities of Smokeball and LawPay.  If you have questions about what Smokeball law practice management software does for small firms, check out our resources and book a short demo, here.  If you have any questions about LawPay, check out

Make sure you watch the full webinar, and download its companion eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Better Legal Billing”!  With these materials, Smokeball, and LawPay, the future of legal billing at your firm holds much less stress and much more success.